Virtual Reality for Education

How is VR Changing Education?

Virtual reality deepens students’ connections to complex concepts through realistic experiences, and empowers them to take ownership of their learning. When using VR, students actively participate in the learning process, and each of Veative’s interactive modules provide meaningful educational opportunities at an individualized pace. Virtual reality learning removes limitations and provides students with opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. Within the ever-changing landscape of education, Veative strives to immerse and inspire to create a community of life-long learners.

Veative offers over 400 STEM lab modules, and is the only virtual reality company in the world that offers formative assessment data analytics and usage reports to track student progress toward mastery.

“The ability to provide a lab on demand is useful to classroom teachers who may not have access to labs.” 
- Dr. Timothy Schaap
President, GAINS Education Group
Virtual labs are valuable when:
  • dedicated space for science labs is not available
  • lab set up and takedown time is extensive
  • high costs inhibit the purchase of lab materials or equipment
  • experimental dangers and safety are concerns
  • repeating labs to address misconceptions or for absentees
  • used for remediation or enrichment
  • a student is unable to attend a live lab, e.g. hospital homebound & distance learning
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