Transforming Virtual Reality for Education

Veative is a global provider of education technology and learning simulations for schools and industries. Dedicated to improving learning outcomes in the classroom, Veative offers the first education solution to combine powerful virtual reality technology with research-based instructional practices, formative assessment data, and analytics. With over 400 interactive and immersive VR content modules expertly aligned to national and state standards, and a learning management platform which allows teachers to track their students’ progress, Veative is transforming virtual reality for education.

Over 400 Interactive VR Learning Modules for Middle and High School Science and Mathematics

Analytics Dashboard and Formative Assessment Data

Expert Certified Scope and Sequence Alignment

EduPro Headset Designed for Education

Our Mission and Vision

OUR MISSION is to bring learning to life for students all over the world, in an interactive and immersive environment. By building affordable, innovative tools using augmented and virtual reality technologies, we aim to unlock the power of immersive learning to inspire and motivate learners everywhere.

OUR VISION is to help create a world where we can transform the way we learn, gain knowledge, and grow; where we unleash the power of digital innovation to make immersive learning accessible and transformative; and where we motivate every learner, all over the globe, in a digitally connected world.


VR Solutions for Industry

Veative is launching a new wave of skill development, revolutionizing the way we learn and gain skills. Veative’s immersive and interactive content bridges the skill gap and enriches the workforce by promoting experiential learning across different industry sectors, such as power, oil & gas, automotive, medical, defense, mining, construction, cyber security, hospitality, and tourism.

Veative helps organizations develop custom interactive 3D, VR, AR and MR training solutions for their workforce. 

Veative’s AR/VR content and learning management platform are tightly integrated, providing advanced data analytics and reports.

Immersive Experience

To enhance learning

Custom Content

For customized projects based on individual needs


To digitize existing learning materials

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